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Alone Together

Alone Together (US)

Artist: Donny Osmond
Release Date: March 1973
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:
SE 4886

Billboard Chart Debut: March 24, 1973
Highest Chart Position: 26
# of Weeks on Chart: 29
Billboard Chart: Top Selling LPs

Production Information:

Produced by
Alan Osmond
Arranged by
Tommy Oliver

Life Is Just What You Make It
Do You Want Me
It’s Hard To Say Goodbye
It Takes A Lot of Love

Produced by
Mike Curb – Don Costa
Arranged by
Don Costa

The Twelfth of Never
Young Love

Produced by
Michael Lloyd – Alan Osmond
Arranged by
Tommy Oliver

Sunshine Rose
Who Can I Turn (When Nobody Needs Me)
Other Side of Me
Tears On My Pillow


Billboard Review:

This is Donny's first LP since his voice changed and he's singing an octave lower. The material is from two schools: veteran composers like Paul Frances Webster, Jay Livingston, Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Nowley, Neil Sadaka, and the Osmonds themselves. Donny's smooth presence sails along on a smooth course with the large orchestral backing adding depth to the sound. Best cuts: The Twelth of Never, It's Hard To Say Goodbye. Billboard Magazine, March 17, 1973.

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:

Alone Together (US)
United States

Alone Together (Germany)
Alone Together (Japan)

There are some slight differences to the cover of this album as it was released in different countries. In the U.S., the black and white photo is an insert that can be removed from the album. There is a cut-out easel on the back of the insert to make it stand up.

Underneath the insert, the cover is the same as the cover from Germany. The one from Germany does not have the insert.

The Japanese cover did not have an insert, although the front cover looks like the one from the U.S.


Singles Released From This Album:

The Twelfth of Never / Life Is Just What We Make It
Young Love / A Million To One




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