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Killer Joe

Killer Joe

Artist: Jimmy Osmond
Release Date: November 1972
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:
SE 4855

Billboard Chart Debut: Dec 2, 1972
Highest Chart Position: # 105
# of Weeks on Chart: 14
Billboard Chart: Top Selling Albums

Production Information:

Produced by
Mike Curb and Don Costa

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool
Produced by
Perry Botkin, Jr.
Arranged by
Don Costa

Cover Photography: 
Ed Caraeff

Liner Photography: 
Kenny Lieu

Liner Notes:


Billboard Review:

The youngest of the Osmonds proved himself a heavy chart winner earlier this year with his Long-Haired Lover From Liverpool, included in this debut solo package. Along with that hit, he rocks Killer Joe, Tweedlee Dee and Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear for all their worth. His emotion packed sensitive readings of Mama'd Know What To Do and Mother of Mine are truely exceptional for his young years. - Billboard Magazine

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:


Singles Released From This Album:

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool / Mother Mine
Tweedlee Dee / Mama'd Know What To Do
Tweedlee Dee / Killer Joe (Japan)
Long Haired Lover From Liverpool / If My Dad Were President (Argentina)
Killer Joe / Teddy Bear (France)
Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear / Rubber Ball (Australia)




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