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Artist: Donny Osmond
Release Date: April 1972
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: May 27, 1972
Highest Chart Position: #6
# of Weeks on Chart: 36
Billboard Chart: Top Selling LPs

Production Information:

Arranged by
Don Costa
Produced by
Mike Curb and Don Costa

Puppy Love
I’ve Got Plans For You

Arranged by
Pete Carpenter
Produced by
Rick Hall

Hey Girl
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Hey There, Lonely Girl
Big Man

Arranged by
Tommy Oliver
Produced by
Alan Osmond and Michael Lloyd

Going Going Gone
(To Somebody Else)
Promise Me

Produced by
Alan Osmond and Michael Lloyd
Arranged by
Merrill Osmond

Love Me

Arranged by
Tommy Oliver
Produced by
Alan Osmond and Michael Lloyd

This Guy’s In Love With You

Produced by
Mike Curb and Ray Ruff

Let My People Go

Photography by: 
Emerson / Loew

Art Direction: 
Derek Church

Liner Notes:


Billboard Review:

From the wealth of Osmond talent comes another top performance by the million-selling Donny. With brother Alan helping in production, Donny has a strong package that will delight his millions of fans, offering super readings on Hey There, Lonely Girl, Promise Me (written by several Osmonds), and I've Got Plans For You. Includes his monster hit, Puppy Love. Another dynamite LP from the young star. - Billboard Magazine, May 27, 1972.

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:

This album came with three 8x10 glossy photos of Donny. The album earned a Gold Record on December 30, 1972.

Singles Released From This Album:

Hey Girl / I Knew You When
Puppy Love / Let My People Go
Puppy Love / Hey Girl (Japan)
Puppy Love / Promise Me (UK)




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