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Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Release Date: 1973
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: July 7, 1973
Highest Chart Position: #58
# of Weeks on Chart: 20
Billboard Chart: Top Selling LP's

Liner Notes:

All songs composed and
played by

The Osmonds

Produced by
Alan Osmond

Recorded at
Kolob Studios,
Los Angeles, CA

Ed Green

Sweetening Arranged by
Tommy Oliver, Pete Carpenter,
Reg Powell

Special thanks to
Mike Curb, Ed Greene, and the baby.

Art Direction: 
Saul Sager

Billboard Review:

The Osmonds' identity as a standard pop music act is hereby changed with this package. The five brothers have moved in the filed of spectacular productions far away from anything anyone has associated with them. This LP is their concept for a concept album including electronic instruments, electronic effects, a large symphonic string section, some Beatles-sounding arrangements (Movie Man) and repertoire which includes narratives. The act has been moving more and more toward this direction, and once you get past the avant-gardish opening cut, War In Heaven, you are awarded with richly produced songs of solid value. Let Me In represents the brothers at their collective finest. All the songs questioning and analyzing one's life are written by Alan, Wayne, and Merrill Osmond. Three arrangers have provided sterling sweetening: Tommy Oliver, Pete Carpenter, and Reg Powell. Best cuts: Movie Man, One Way Ticket To Anywhere, and Are You Up There. - Billboard Magazine, June 30, 1973.

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:


Singles Released From This Album:

Goin' Home / Are You Up There
Let Me In / One Way Ticket To Anywhere
Movie Man / Darlin' (Japan)
Movie Man / Traffic In My Mind (UK)




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