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Go Away Little Girl

My Best To You
1972 MGM Records

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To You With Love, Donny
To You With Love, Donny
Original Version
The Osmonds Live
The Osmonds "Live"
Donny Osmond

Sung By:
Donny Osmond


Written by:  
Gerry Goffin – Carole King

String Arranger: 
Peter Carpenter

Horn Arrangers: 
Dale Quillen and Ronnie Eades

Vocal Arrangers: 
The Osmonds and Earl Brown

Recording Engineer: 
Rick Hall, Mickey Buckins, and
Jack Hunt

Go Away Little Girl

Go away, little girl
go away, little girl
I'm not supposed to be alone with you
I know that your lips are sweet
but our lips must never meet.
I'm dating somebody else, I must be true.

Oh, go away little girl,
go away, little girl.
It's hurting me more
each minute that we delay.
when you're near me like this,
you're much too hard to resist.
So go away, little girl,
before I beg you to stay.

Go away, little girl,
go away, little girl.
It hurts me more
the more that we delay.
When you're near me like this,
you're much too hard to resist.
So go away, little girl,
let's call it a day, little girl.
Please, go away little girl,
before I beg you to stay

The popular Osmond brother revives the Steve Lawrence hit as a strong follow-up to his Sweet and Innocent hit. Other plusses are Rick Hall's production and the Goffin-King signature.
Billboard Magazine, July 31, 1971

Billboard Chart Debut:
August 7, 1971
Highest Chart Position: #1
# Weeks on Chart: 15
Chart: Hot 100 Singles

This song earned a Gold Record on October 13, 1971.


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