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The Good Old Bad Old Days

Little Arrows
1975 MGM Records

Sung By:
Jimmy Osmond

Time:  3:00

Written by: 
Leslie Bricusse – Anthony Newley

Arranged by:
Don Costa

Produced by:
Mike Curb and Don Costa

The Good Old Bad Old Days

Don’t you realize living today
I’m happy to say
In the good old bad old days
Taking the breaks
and making mistakes
In the good old bad old ways

Some people say
They’d love for the old days
To take them way back when
I’d sooner stay
right here with the gold days
Than go through that again

Take today you’re either
out or you’re in
You lose or you win
In the sad old glad old days
You’re poor or you’re rich
Who knows which is which anyway

We’re living on time
we’re having to borrow
No-one knows if we will
live to see tomorrow
Nevertheless I guess
we’ve got to confess
These are the good old bad old days

La la la la la la la la la la

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