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I'm Your Puppet

My Best To You
1972 MGM Records

Sung By:
Donny Osmond


Written by: 
Penn - Oldham

Produced and Arranged by:
Rick Hall

String Arrangements: 
Pete Carpenter

Horn Arrangements: 
Rick Hall and Harrison Calloway, Jr.

Vocal Supervision: 
Earl Brown

I'm Your Puppet

Pull a string,
and I'll wink at you,
I'm your puppet.
I'll do funny things
if you want me to,
I'm your puppet, girl.
I'm yours to have and to hold,
darlin' you've got full control.
I'm your puppet, ooo,
I'm your puppet, girl.

Just pull a little string,
and I'll kiss your lips,
I'm your puppet.
Snap your fingers,
and I'll turn you some flips,
I'm your puppet.
Oh, your every wish
is my command,
all you gotta do
is wiggle your little hand.
I'm your puppet, ooo,
I'm your puppet, girl.

I'm just a toy,
just a funny boy,
makes you laugh
when you feel blue.
I'll be warm or cold,
do just what I'm told,
I'll do anything for you.
I'm your puppet, ooo,
I'm your puppet, girl.

Just pull the little strings,
and I'll sing you a song,
I'm your puppet.
Make me do right,
or make me do wrong,
I'm your puppet.

Oh, treat me good,
and I'll do anything,
I'm just a puppet
and you hold my strings.
I'm your puppet,
I'm your puppet, girl.
I'm your walkin', talkin',
livin', lovin' puppet,
hangin' on a string,
sing for you girl...
Ooo yeah, I'm your puppet,
ooooh, I'm your puppet, girl.

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My Best To You
Portrait of Donny (Japan)
Donny Osmond Perfect Series (Japan)





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