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Sweet and Innocent

My Best To You
1972 MGM Records

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Original Version
Osmonds In Tokyo
The Osmonds In Tokyo
The Osmond Brothers
The Osmonds Live
The Osmonds Live
The Osmond Brothers

Sung By:

Donny Osmond

3 :04

Written by: 
R. Hall – B. Sherrill

Billboard Magazine Review
With the Osmonds still occupying the covented number 1 position of the Hot 100, young Donny Osmond makes his solo debut and this top performance and good material should carry him high on the charts. Exceptional Rick Hall production work. - February 27, 1971

Billboard Chart:
Hot 100 Singles
Chart Debut: March 27, 1971
# of weeks on chart: 15
Highest Chart Position: #7

This record earned a Gold Record on August 30, 1971.


Sweet and Innocent

I love the little wiggle
in your walk,
the way you cuddle
on my shoulder.
But you're too young
to know this girl
so come back
when you're older.

'Cause you're too
sweet and innocent,
but you're just
oh too young for me.

The way you hold me
not too tight,
the tender way
you kiss goodnight,
still say you've got
some growing up to do.

Wo o ho, young and beautiful,
is a love, oh, you give to me yeah.
You're not hip, so get with it girl.
Go on home to your
make believe world.

Sweet and innocent,
you're too young and beautiful
for me.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Sweet and innocent,
but you're just oh,
too young for me yeah.

I'd like to kiss you and hold you tight,
so go on home, girl, or I just might.
You're too sweet and innocent,
you're too young and
beautiful for me.

You're so sweet and innocent,
but you're much too young little girl.
Go on home,
just leave me alone, little girl.







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