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Another Osmond On The Way To Stardom:
Marie, Only 13

Detroit Free Press
October 5, 1973

Clear the deck for another singing Osmond. Nope, not an Osmond brother - an Osmond sister. Thirteen-year-old Marie Osmond was in Nashville recently for three days of recording. She was recording country songs under the direction of Sonny James.

"I've always loved country music," said the attractive young singer, who came in from Provo, Utah, the Osmonds' family home.

"And," she quickly added, "what a lot of people don't know is that my brothers like country music too.

"I suppose," she continued, "Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette are my favorite girl singers. Sonny James is my favorite male singer, naturally. "

She was accompanied to Nashville by her mother Mrs. Olive Osmond.

Logically, Mrs O. was asked if there are any major problems being the mother of famous children.

"The only problems I have," Mrs. Osmond said with a laugh, "is keeping their clothes clean.

"The boys wanted to come with us, We left them at home where they are resting and writing new songs."



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