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Donny and Marie Show
(Show #112)

Donny and Marie Show (Show #112) aired on April 16, 1976. Their guests included Gabe Kaplan, The Osmond Brothers, Jimmy Osmond, Ruth Buzzi, Ice Vanities and special guest star Paul Lynde.

Part 1 - Opening
Donny and Marie open the show with Boogie Fever.

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Part 2
Marie seeks Donny's opinion about her new dress.

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Part 3
Donny, Marie, Gabe Kaplan, and Ruth Buzzi perform a sketch called Somewhere In Africa.

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Part 4 - Concert Spot
Can Donny read Marie's mind? He says he can! Check it out and see! Songs included in the concert spot include Tears On My Pillow, Heartbreak Hotel, Song Sung Blue, Proud Mary.

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Part 5
Donny asks Gabe Kaplan for advice on how to do comedy. Gabe Kaplan then does a sketch called Comedy Central with Jay Osmond.

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Part 6
The Osmond Brothers perform Are You Up There / I Believe at Zuma Beach in California.

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Part 7 - Finale
The cast does a tribute to Vaudeville.

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Part 8 - Closing
Donny and Marie close the show with May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day.

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