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Donny and Marie Show
(Show #203)

Donny and Marie Show (Show #203) aired on October 8, 1976. Their guests included Chad Everett, Ruth Buzzi, Florence Henderson, Susan Olson, Michael Looklinland, Maureen McCormick, Patty Maloney, The Rice Twins, and Ice Vanities.

Part 1 - Opening
Donny and Marie open the show with I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover.

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Part 2
Donny and Marie discuss Donny voting for the first time.

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Part 3
Donny and Marie do a musical tribute to soup.

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Part 4 - Concert Spot
Donny and Marie discuss DOTS (The Donny Osmond Time Saver). Songs included are Darlin', Will It Go 'Round In Circles, If, and Your Mama Don't Dance.

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Part 5
Donny and Marie introduce Florence Henderson and sing a country medley.

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Part 6
Marie, Florence Henderson, Michael Lookinland, Maureen McCormick and Susan Olson do a segement of Marie Heartburn, Marie Heartburn.

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Part 7 - Finale
Donny, Marie, and cast do a tribute to the Renaissance Fair.

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Part 8 - Closing
Donny and Marie close the show with May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day.

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