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Donny and Marie Show
(Show #219)

Donny and Marie Show (Show #219) aired on February 25, 1977. Their guests included Paul Williams, George Gobel, Jimmy Osmond, Patty Maloney, and Ice Vanities.

Part 1 - Opening
Donny and Marie open the show with Marshmallow World.

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Part 2
Donny and Marie discuss Donny building a solar generator and Marie's new chicken recipe.

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Part 3 - Captain Purple
Donny reprises his role as Captain Purple and Marie becomes Wonderful Woman. This episode - The Art Museum.

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Part 4 - Concert Spot
Donny conducts a hamster race to determine who will sing first in the Concert Spot. Songs include If I Had You, Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas, I Cried For You, and Shinin' Star.

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Part 5 -Marie Heartburn
Paul Williams and Marie do a sketch of Marie Heartburn, Marie Heartburn.

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Part 6
Paul Williams introduces Jimmy and his big band playing Last Train To Clarksville.

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Part 7 - Finale
Donny, Marie and cast do a tribute to the Nickelodeon.

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Part 8
Marie and Robert Hegyes do a spoof of Rocky called Rocko.

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