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Donny and Marie Show
(Show #305)

Donny and Marie Show (Show #305) aired on October 21, 1977. Their guests included Lola Falana, Abe Vigoda, Donny Most, Anson Williams, The Osmond Brothers, and Ice Angels. This show was a celebration of Marie's 18th birthday.

Part 1 - Opening
Donny and Marie open the show with Life Is Just What You Make It.

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Part 2
Donny and Marie discuss Marie being able to vote in the upcoming election.

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Part 3
Donny hosts a celebrity roast for Marie's 18th birthday.

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Part 4 - Concert Spot
Donny and Marie switch parts for the Concert Spot. Songs include Country Boy, You Won't See Me, This One's For You, and Can't Stop Dancing.

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Part 5
Donny, Marie, Anson Williams, Donny Most, and Abe Vigoda do a spoof of The Seven Little Foys with Benny Foil and his Little Foys.

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Part 6
Donny, Marie, Lola Falana, and Anson Williams perform Mockingbird.

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Part 7
Marie performs This Is The Way That I Feel.

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Part 8 - Closing
Donny and Marie close the show with May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day.

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