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Crazy Horses

Crazy Horses (Front)
Crazy Horses (Back)

Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Release Date: October 1972
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:
SE 4851

Billboard Chart Debut: Oct 14, 1972
Highest Chart Position: #14
# of Weeks on Chart: 22
Billboard Chart: Top Selling LP's

Production Information:

Produced by
Alan Osmond and Michael Lloyd

Horns Arranged by
Jim Horn

Engineered by
Ed Greene

Recorded at
MGM Recording Studios,
Hollywood CA

All Songs Written, Sung, and
Played by

The Osmonds

All Songs Published by
Kolob Music (BMI)

Album Photography & Design by
Ron Rafffaelli

Liner Notes:


Billboard Review:

The young superstars have here a dynamite package which will out-sell even their past smash hits. The material is entirely Osmond originals including heavy sounds like the title tune (their current single), infectious numbers like Life Is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes, and Hey Mr. Taxi, and pretty ballads like And You Love Me. Also has here their recent million-seller Hold Her Tight. Top production work by Michael Lloyd and Alan Osmond. - Billboard Magazine, October 14, 1972.

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:

Crazy Horses
United States

Crazy Horses (Germany)
Pop Power (France)
This album was released in different countries, but the covers were different. The album in France was not released until 1975.

Singles Released From This Album:

Hold Her Tight / Love Is
Crazy Horses / That's My Girl




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