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May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day

Featuring Songs From Their TV Show
1976 Polydor Records

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Featuring Songs From Their Television Show
Goin' Coconuts
Goin' Coconuts
Instrumental Version
Puppy Love

Sung By:
Donny & Marie Osmond

Time:  1:52

Written by: 
Alan Osmond – Wayne Osmond – Merrill Osmond

Produced by: 
Mike Curb

Executive Producers: 
The Osmonds

May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day

May tomorrow be a perfect day
May you find love and
laughter along the way
May God keep you in his tender care
‘Til he brings us together again

May the sunshine
deep within your heart
When sorrows bring
sadness and tears would start
May the memory of the love we share
Reassure you that someday somewhere

We’ll walk hand in hand
The time is very near
The moments we long for
are almost here
I’ll be with you,
you’ll be with me
Together we’ll love once again

Goodbye everybody










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Featuring Songs From Their TV Show
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