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January 2, 1980
Donny and Marie flew to Hawaii to tape some Hawaiian Punch commercials.  There were hurricane winds, power failures, and heavy rains when they arrived.

January 13, 1980
Marie signed a long-term contract with Fred Silverman for NBC Studios.

January 15, 1980
The Osmond family and Paul H. Dunn spoke at a fireside at the Vet Memorial Coliseum at 4:30 and 8:00pm.  A luncheon was provided at the Arizona Biltmore.  They addressed a total of 19,395 people combined from the two firesides.

January 16, 1980
Marie was a guest on The Midnight Special hosted by Larry Hagman which was taped on this date.  She sang It's The Fallin’ In Love from an upcoming album.  (The album was never released).

January 19, 1980

Donny was a guest star on The Love Boat which aired on this date.  His storyline was Kinfolk.  The show also starred Marion Ross and Loni Anderson who played his sister.

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January 25-
January 26, 1980
The Osmond family performed for 46,000 people at the Brigham Young University Marriott Center. Elder Paul H. Dunn sanctioned the show calling it the unofficial kickoff of the sesquicentennial year of the LDS Church.  The show was to have been a one night concert but evolved into a two-night-in-the-round-bash.  This was the Osmonds first concert in Utah since 1971.  Brigham Young University was the benefactor of all proceeds estimated to be a quarter of a million dollars (gross).

The Osmonds used 84 speakers, a total of 18 tons of lighting and sound equipment, dancing fountains that sprayed water 48 feet into the air in synchronized rhythms, laser beams ricocheted from stage to ceiling to the beat of the music, a one-ton six foot diameter mirror ball hung from the ceiling, a 30 X 40 foot screen elevated 50 feet above the stage, a string section as well as the Osmond Studio band, and hydraulic lifts under the stage, piano and drum set.

It was the first time the audience at the Marriott Center had seen a show of this kind.  It was the first time one group had sold out two consecutive nights of seating at the Marriott Center; and, it was the first time the Osmonds have combined their entire repertoire of multi-media effects in a two and a half hour show.   Marie changed costumes every time she came on stage for a total of eight costume changes.

January 29, 1980
The Osmond family and Paul H. Dunn shared the spotlight in a missionary fireside at the Arizona University Activity Center in Phoenix, AZ

January 30 -
February 2, 1980
The Osmond family performed at the Resorts International Casino—Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

February 3, 1980
The Osmond family appeared in Kent, OH at the Roosevelt High School and spoke to 1500 members of the LDS church with Paul H. Dunn.

February 4, 1980
The Osmonds held a press conference at the Palace Theater in Columbus, OH.  The press conference was held without a public address system in a small foyer of the palace.  Nearly 100 people crowded into the narrow space.  Press photographers and television cameramen stood in front.

February 4 -
February 9, 1980
The Osmonds performed at RKO’s Palace in Columbus, OH.  It was the opening night at the Palace.  All proceeds from the week’s performances were donated to Children’s Hospitals on behalf of the palace and the Osmonds.  Their goal was to raise $50,000 by the end of the week.

February 10, 1980
The Osmond Brothers were guests on Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary Show which was taped on this date. The show aired on March 10.

February 12, 1980
The BYU Devotional aired on this date.  The Osmond Family were honored by Elder Paul H. Dunn for their missionary efforts.  Also, BYU honored them for their concert given on behalf of BYU.  Marie and Alan accepted the plaque presented to them by BYU president Dallin H. Oaks.  Paul H. Dunn asked the family to bear their testimonies.  The ceremony took place in the Marriott Center at the BYU campus. (Donny was not in attendance as he was in Canada).

February 12, 1980
Donny taped the Palace Show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  He performed The Way We Were.

February 15, 1980
The Osmonds were the spotlight as the University of Utah Theater Guild presented its annual Theater Gala.  Gala ’80—A Tribute To The Osmonds was held at the Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City, UT.

Proceeds from the event went to the University of Utah Theater Department and also was used to help finance Pioneer Memorial Productions.

The entire Osmond family was in attendance, sang some of their hits, and was honored for their contributions to the state of Utah.  A film about the family’s rise to stardom was featured.  Broadway star Robert Peterson acted as the Master of Ceremonies.

Festivities started at 7:00 pm with a reception in Hotel Utah’s Jr. Ballroom.  At 8:00 pm, party goers moved to the Grand Ballroom where they dined on shrimp salad, sliced tenderloin with Madera sauce, creamed asparagus tarts, and cherry pecan ice cream.

Centering the tables were pink tapers and bunches of violets.  Handmade valentine sachets were placed by each lady’s plate.  Lacy fans supposedly symbolizing the Osmonds many fans throughout the Beehive State completed the décor.

The Osmond Family received The Family Of The Year award in Utah.  The award was presented by Governor Scott Matheson.

February 16, 1980
The Osmonds performed two shows in the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, CA.

February 17, 1980
Olive and Marie flew to Los Angeles where Marie taped The Big Show with Gavin MacLeod.  The show was scheduled to air on March 10.

February 28, 1980
Marie’s book, Marie Osmond’s Guide To Health And Beauty was released on this date.

March 4 -
March 24, 1980
Donny, Marie and Jimmy performed at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas for a three week engagement.  Marie ended up with the “dreaded Vegas throat” for a few days so the brothers filled in for six performances.

March 6, 1980
The Osmond Brothers were guests on Disney’s 25th Anniversary which aired on this date.

March 6, 1980
An article by the Associated Press stated that Bob Hope was going to host a special called the Star Makers, a book show about a talent hunt to discover tomorrow's biggest star. The special which includes an appearance by Marie Osmond is scheduled to air on March 17, 1980.

March 10, 1980
The Big Show with Marie acting as co-host aired on television.

March 14, 1980
Donny was a guest on Pink Lady which aired on this date.  He sang I’ll Never Love This Way Again and We Are Family with Pink Lady.

March 17, 1980
A special hosted by Bob Hope called the Star Makers aired on this date. The special, which aired on NBC on Monday, March 17, also starred Robert Urich, Robert Guillaume, Linda Gray, Marie Osmond and Gallagher. Sam the chimp from "BJ and the Bear" also appearred. The special was a book show about a talent hunt to discover tomorrow's biggest star.

March 31, 1980
The Osmonds leave for London, England on this date.  They took the largest show ever on the road including lasers, dancing waters, singers, dancers, and pyrotech.

April 2, 1980
The Osmonds performed in the Brighton Conference Center in England on this date.

April 2, 1980
An article by the Associated Press announced that the singing Osmond family is breaking up into a quartet and solo acts by Jimmy, Donny and Marie.

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April 3, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Bingley Hall in Stafford, England.

April 4, 1980
The Osmonds performed in the Blackpool Opera House in Blackpool, England.

April 5, 1980
The Osmonds played at the Manchester Apollo Theater.

April 9, 1980
Alan, Jay, Donny, Marie, and Jimmy did an interview for Magpie.

April 9 –
April 12, 1980
The Osmonds were in London, England.  They stayed at the Ritz Hotel.  They performed at the London Royal Theatre.

April 11, 1980
Jay played football at Green Park, London, England.

April 11, 1980
An article appeared in newspapers by the Associated Press in their International News column stating that Merrill Osmond would be leaving the Osmonds European Tour due to heart problems.

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April 11, 1980
Another article by the Associated Press appeared in their column, Names In The News stated that despite Dr's orders, Merrill performed Thursday's night show with a nurse and oxygen tank in the wings.

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April 13, 1980
Donny and Jimmy appear on BBC Radio 1.

April 14, 1980
The Osmonds perform in Newcastle at Upon Tune City Hall.

April 15, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Glasgow, Scotland.

April 16, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Edinburgh,  Scotland.

April 17, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Coventry, England.

April 18, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Leicester, England at the De Montford Hall.

April 21, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Milwaukee, WI.

April 22, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Cedar Rapids, IA.   Merrill was not there due to his health.  George and Olive also decided to stop traveling with them and let them stand on their own.

April 23, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Cedar Rapids, IA.

April 24 –
April 26, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Queensboro, KY.

April 28, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Minneapolis, MN.

April 29 –
April 30, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Chicago, IL

May 1, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Wichita, KS.

May 2, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Saginaw, MI.

May 3, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Detroit, MI.

May 4, 1980
The Osmonds flew home.

May 6, 1980
Donny and Marie did an interview in Pocatello, Idaho.

May 7, 1980
Utah Governor Scott Matheson appointed Virl Osmond as chairman of the Governor’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.  He replaced Quinn McKay who served on the committee for 15 years.  The main objective of the committee was to inform the public to what is available for the handicapped.  They informed the public about some of the pitfalls disabled people face and helped them avoid those pitfalls.

May 1980
The Osmond family had one week between their U.S. tour and Far East tour to finalize visa, passports, hotel accommodations, and travel arrangements.  Marie also had to do a show for the NBC affiliates at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles during the same week.

May 10, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Pocatello, Idaho.

May 14, 1980
Marie taped an interview via satellite for The Don Lane Show at the Osmond Studios.  She performed You’re Gonna Get Me To Heaven.

May 15, 1980
Donny performed on the Miss USA Pageant in Biloxi, Mississippi which aired on this date.

May 17, 1980
Donny, Marie, and Jimmy do an autograph party at Owen Wright Cadillac in Utah.  Donny and Marie did some radio commercials for them.

May 20, 1980
Marie was at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

May 21 –
May 23, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Bangkok, Thailand.  The shows in Bangkok were complete sell-outs in the 14,000 seat arena.  While in Bangkok, Marie bought Thai silk for dressmaking.  Everyone else purchased carved ivory.

May 22, 1980
An announcement was made that the Osmond Studios would expand its activities to include live theater.  Auditions for first production, The Fantastiks, were announced.  It was also stated that some of the Osmonds would appear in future productions, but not the current production of The Fantastiks.

May 24, 1980
The Osmonds arrived in Kuala Lumur, Malaysia.  An estimated 12-to-14,000 people turned out to meet them at the airport.  They performed in an unconditioned arena in 100 degree heat.  They performed for 11,000 people.

From Kuala Lumur, they flew to Manila in the Phillippines.  This was their second visit since 1975.  George and Jay got up early one morning and went on a sightseeing tour to the island of Corregidor which was a strategic base during World War II.  The big old guns were still there as well as remnants of the barracks built to the back of the mountain.  Results of the bombings and destruction took place could be seen and was a somber reminder of the many men who lost their lives there for the cause of freedom.

May 27, 1980
The Osmonds were in Manila.

May 28, 1980
The Osmonds received an invitation from President and First Lady Ferdinando Marcos of the Phillippines to visit with them after their first show.  The event turned out to be one of the biggest surprises they’ve ever had.  As they entered the Presidential Palace they could hear disco music in the distance as they climbed the staircase into the foyer.  They entered the Palace Disco Room was filled with special guests and Miss Asia Beauty Pageant winners.  An enormous table was laden with many kinds of food and served buffet style.  After everyone had finished eating, Mrs. Marcos insisted that everyone get on the dance floor.  She took George by the hand and they started to Disco.  After everyone had danced, Mrs. Marcos took the Osmonds for a tour of the palace.

Before departing Manila, they did a fireside for the local Mormon church.

May 31-
June 1, 1980
The Osmonds spent two days in Sydney, Australia doing special interviews and held a press conference.

June 2, 1980
The Osmonds opened at the Palais Theater in Melbourne, Australia.

June 3, 1980
Donny and Marie flew back to Sydney to tape the Mike Walsh Show and barely made it back to Melbourne in time for the show.

June 4, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Melbourne, Australia.

June 5, 1980
The Osmonds appeared on The Don Lane Show in Melbourne, Australia.  Whipped cream pies were flying everywhere at the end of the show as they took Don Lane completely by surprise.  The stage was covered with whipped cream and shaving cream.  They had 5 sell-out performances in Melbourne.

June 6, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Sydney, Australia at the Capitol Theatre.

June 10, 1980
The Osmonds performed at the Capitol Theater in Sydney, Australia until this date.  They did another fireside in Sydney just before leaving.  Approximately 2700 people attended this fireside.

They were originally scheduled to do four shows the whole time they were in Australia, but ended up doing twelve.  In addition to performing, they also took a harbor cruise one early morning on a yacht where a buffet luncheon was served.  They also stopped at the Sydney Zoo which overlooked the harbor and observed the Koala Bears and Kangaroos.

Next stop:  Singapore.  They met with Mrs. Lee—the mother of the Prime Minister—and learned many of the Chinese customs dealing with family life.  She gave them many insights as to the workings and beliefs of her son who runs the country.  She also gave them an autographed copy of her new cookbook.

They performed in an outdoor sports arena and had about 25,000 people see the show.  The Citizen Watch sponsored the show and invited them to their showroom  in a large shopping mall one morning.  The news of the Osmonds being there got out and it took 300 police officers to restrain the crowds.

They did another fireside in Singapore at the American School Gymnasium.  4400 people attended this meeting.  They also went to a blind school and enjoyed a musical program the students provided.

From Singapore, they flew to Malaysia to perform two shows in one night at a mountain resort called Genting Mountains.  The mountains were so high, they had to get to the shows by helicopters.

Next Stop:  Republic of China (Taipei, Taiwan).  They were taken to the Chang Kai Chek Memorial Building to meet with the Vice President and Prime Minister on a personal basis for nearly an hour.

Final Stop:  Hong Kong.  They performed four shows at the A.C. Hall in Kawloon.  They also went on a night time cruise of the Hong Kong harbor.  This tour took 5 ½ weeks.

June 11, 1980
The Osmonds arrive in Singapore.

June 12, 1980
The Osmond visit the Singapore Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  They participated in an autograph party at Lucky Plaza and performed a concert in the National Stadium.

June 13, 1980
The Osmonds had lunch at Raffles Hotel.

June 25, 1980
The Osmonds returned from the Orient.

July 4, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Independence, MO.

July 5, 1980
The Osmonds spoke at two firesides in Independence Missouri with Paul H. Dunn.  Tom and Virl were able to join them for these firesides.

July 6, 1980
Donny and Jay flew to Korea for Donny to perform in the Miss Universe Pageant.

July 7, 1980
Donny performed at the Miss Universe Pageant in Seoul, Korea.

July 10, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Dallas, TX with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  It was 108 degrees, but the outdoor show was a success.

July 14 –
July 18, 1980
The Osmonds performed and attended the Republican Convention in Detroit, Michigan.

July 28-
August 2, 1980
The Osmonds performed in Valley Forge, PA at the Music Fair Theater.

August 1980
Brigham Young University asked Tom to teach two sections of a sign language course to students.

August 4-
August 9, 1980
The Osmonds performed at the Westbury Theater in Long Island, NY.  According to the New York Post—this was the Osmonds last time to perform together in the U.S. before splitting up and going their separate ways.  Marie had signed a 4-year contract to star in her own variety show for Fred Silverman on NBC-TV.  Donny had signed a major movie contract and was going into acting.  Jimmy would continue with his singing career, and Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay would pursue solo careers.  Alan stated their upcoming tour of England would be their last together.

August 12, 1980
Jimmy was in the recording studio.

August 13, 1980
The Osmonds performed at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, CA.  RJR foods hosted an evenings reception and banquet with their families.

August 16, 1980
Jay and Jimmy left for Chicago and then to Ft. Lauderdale, FL where Jimmy rehearsed and taped the Miss National Teenager Beauty Contest and Pageant which would air August 17.

August 16, 1980
 (week of)
Marie flew to Los Angeles to tape The Merv Griffin Show and the Vidal Sassoon show to promote Marie Osmonds Guide to Beauty, Health and Style.

August 17, 1980
Jimmy performed on the Miss National Teenager Beauty Contest and Pageant which aired on this date.

August 20, 1980
Jay practiced football with friends at Brigham Young University.

August 29 –
August 30, 1980
The Osmonds went to Canada and performed four concerts in Alberta, two in Calgary and two in Lethbridge.  Tom and Lyn joined them.  Elder Paul H. Dunn was also there.

September 1980
(first 2 weeks)
Donny, Marie and Jimmy rehearsed their new Vegas show.

September 5, 1980
Jimmy’s restaurant hosted a Back To School Dance.  Jimmy was in attendance.  Jay showed up and played a song on the drums.

September 8, 1980
Jimmy and Marie have custom fittings at the Osmond Studios for their upcoming MGM Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

September 10, 1980
Marie was a guest on the Merv Griffin Show which aired on this date.  She sang It's The Falling In Love. 

September 18 –
September 25, 1980
Donny, Marie and Jimmy were in Las Vegas, NV.

October 19, 1980
Tom and Lyn do a fireside at Brigham Young University.

October 25, 1980
Donny’s church ward set a up spook alley for Halloween.  Donny was dressed as a convict who let you out of the alley at the end. Debbie was dressed as a Martian.  Wayne was reindeer and Alan’s family were all in western dress.  Jay and Jimmy refused to dress up.

October 28, 1980
Jimmy attended a dance at the Osmond studios.

October 29, 1980
Jimmy was in the recording studio.  Merrill was in Los Angeles.

November 3, 1980
The Osmonds performed at a benefit concert for Ronald Reagan which turned out to be the biggest rally of his campaign for President of the United States.  35,000 to 40,000 people were in attendance.  This concert was one day prior to the election.  When the Osmonds returned home, Alan and Jay flew to Los Angeles.  Jimmy and Merrill were both sick. 

November 5, 1980
Jimmy was learning Japanese.

November 10, 1980
Marie was a guest on the John Davidson Show which was taped on this date.

November 13, 1980
Virl and Tom were interviewed by PM Magazine which aired on this date. 

November 14, 1980
The Osmonds performed at the Portland Coliseum in Portland, OR for 10,000 people.

November 15, 1980
The Osmonds performed at the Seattle Coliseum for 12,000 people in Seattle, WA.

November 16, 1980
The Osmonds spoke at a fireside in Seattle, WA.

November 17, 1980
The Osmonds started rehearsals for The Osmond Family Christmas Show.  Guests included Doug Henning and Peggy Fleming.

November 19, 1980
PM Magazine taped an interview for the Osmond Family Christmas Special.

November 21, 1980
The Osmonds taped the concert spot for the Osmond Family Christmas Special.

November 25, 1980
Marie was a guest on the John Davidson Show which aired on this date.

November 28, 1980
Marie flew to Los Angeles to start taping the Marie variety show.

December 1980
Doug Henning came to Utah with his television crew to do his own television special which would air in February.  Marie was one of his guests along with Shields and Yarnell.

December 1, 1980
Marie taped her first variety show.  Donny was a walk-on guest at the end of the show to wish her well.

December 4, 1980
Marie was a guest on the Captain and Toni Tennille Show.

December 7, 1980
Marie was on the Hollywood Christmas Parade promoting her show.

December 7, 1980
Donny and George were in Burbank, CA.

December 8, 1980
Marie starts taping her 2nd show.

December 8, 1980
Marie was a guest on the Mike Douglas Show which aired on this date.

December 11, 1980
An article appeared in an Arizona Newspaper stating the Osmond concert slated for Saturday, December 13 at the Sun Dome in Sun City West, AZ had been postponed.  The concert was postponed to accommodate Marie’s delayed NBC-TV taping schedule.  The concerts (2:00 and 8:00) would be rescheduled for some time in April or May.  December 13 tickets would be honored at that time.

December 12, 1980
Marie’s variety show, Marie made its debut on NBC television.  She was contracted to do seven shows for NBC.  Her first guests were Gavin MacLeod and Jeff Conaway.

December 15, 1980
Marie started taping her 3rd show.

December 19, 1980
The second episode of Marie’s variety show, Marie aired on this date. 

December 21, 1980
Marie returned to Provo for the holidays.

December 26, 1980
The third episode of Marie’s variety show, Marie aired on this date.  Guests included Tony Orlando and the Pointer Sisters.

December 31, 1980
Olive and Marie celebrated New Year’s Eve on board an airplane in Salt Lake City due to fog.  Marie was on her way to Los Angeles to tape The Tonight Show.







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